Personalization: The ups and the downs

July 28, 2014
Sarah Perez at TechCrunch today offered her (decidedly downbeat) impressions of what happens when the Personalization algorithms of Yahoo! and Facebook conclude that she wants to hear about the world’s most horrifying news and events. Which got us to thinking: is personalization a definitively good, bad, or simply ‘present’ thing?

If R2D2 controlled the remote: A peek into the future of personalized video

July 17, 2014
Movies and TV programs have featured their share of robots over the years, some of them kind and some downright creepy. The robots from the Star Wars’ clan are some of the good guys: R2D2 is the ultimate buddy and co-pilot, and Lieutenant Commander Data, from Star Trek the Next Generation, is a computational wiz and overall great COO. Rather than being menacing, these bots are always ready to lend a hand.

Hearst bringing Cosmopolitan to online video with SVOD channel CosmoBody

July 14, 2014
Last August, Hearst executed a Marie Antoinette-style remake of the web presence of two of its biggest titles, ousting the heads of and The makeover was, perhaps, a precursor of things to come… getting a little more in line with the Millennials who keep both mags chock full of advertising.

Help Me Find Something Good to Watch

September 27, 2013
How did choosing what to watch become such a pain? And how can content producers deliver the right media to the right screen at the right time?

Here’s How CSC Media & Ooyala Deliver TV Content Online

September 16, 2013
Satellite TV channel provider CSC Media is using Ooyala to power four online channels in the United Kingdom. Now kids can watch their favorite TV shows on an Android phone, PC, or Apple tablet.

Increase Video Views, Revenue with Ooyala Discovery

May 29, 2013
Whether you’re a network, broadcaster, media company or brand, when it comes to video, it’s about presenting the right content to your audience and providing an ongoing flow of relevant content to maximize monetization opportunities and keep your audience engaged.

TV Just Got Personal

March 27, 2013
Ooyala just unveiled advanced video discovery and premium video playback technology for broadcasters, media companies and brands with Discovery Guide, Hook, and XTV Connect.

Leaving Las Vegas: Looking Back at CES

January 15, 2013
Between the death of 3DTV and random Big Bird sightings, I was struck by how receptive broadcasters, device manufacturers and journalists were to Ooyala’s vision of data-driven, personalized media. It is clear to me now that streaming video has crossed an inflection point for both viewers and broadcasters the world over.

Ooyala Discovery Delivers Advanced Content Recommendations - VIDEO

December 13, 2012
Ooyala Discovery leverages big data and advanced algorithms to personalize the video viewing experience. This benefits both consumers and video providers.

Discover The Future of Content Discovery & Personalized Media - Ooyala White Paper

November 15, 2012
Ooyala’s content discovery works within the video player, on a web page, and even within mobile apps. It ensures that viewers find and watch more video and publishers earn more money.


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