Theme Builder simplifies custom players, dynamic playlists, boosts engagement

January 23, 2014
Today we’re introducing Theme Builder, a great new tool that takes Ooyala’s video player experience to a higher level. Most viewers have no idea of the multitude of technical innovations that are needed so they can watch their streaming movies or cat videos, and that’s just the way we like it. The quality and ease of the player experience mean the world to us and to our customers.

Ooyala Named To The AlwaysOn OnHollywood Top 100

October 31, 2013
Ooyala was recently named to the AlwaysOn OnHollywood Top 100, and we’re honored to be recognized for our history of innovation in the online media space.

Ooyala Cloud Video Technology Delivers Nearly 500% ROI, Pays For Itself in 3 Months

October 30, 2013
As networks, devices, and media libraries mature, leveraging digital distribution to build your audience and brand will become increasingly critical to businesses operating in a variety of sectors. So how can you make sure that you are getting real value from your online video spend?

Discover How The Vienna State Opera Streams Live Opera, Ballet Online

October 25, 2013
Thanks to Ooyala’s cloud video technology, opera and ballet fans from around the world will be able to tune in online to watch works by Mozart, Strauss, and Wagner as they happen, or on demand.

Here's How Ooyala Video Technology Powers The British Film Institute Online

October 15, 2013
Ooyala worked with BFI to stream its historic catalog of films to connected viewers on the web, as well as multiple smart devices. Ooyala Discovery and our industry leading analytics will help the BFI grow and better understand their audience.

Here’s How Smart Broadcasters Deliver Premium Video To A Fragmented Android Ecosystem

September 30, 2013
Ooyala took on the Android fragmentation challenge head on and solved the problem of delivering premium video in a simple, elegant way -- without the need for customers to develop expensive, custom applications.

Help Me Find Something Good to Watch

September 27, 2013
How did choosing what to watch become such a pain? And how can content producers deliver the right media to the right screen at the right time?

Ooyala Video Technologies Can Make You More Money Online, And We Have The Data To Prove It

September 26, 2013
Earlier this year, Ooyala surveyed our customer base in order to get a sense of how our cloud video technologies and industry leading analytics performed “in the wild.” The results were astounding.

Ooyala Previews New Mosaic Player, Delivers Up To 5 Video Feeds At Once

September 16, 2013
Ooyala’s new mosaic player enables viewers to watch and switch between up to five live or on-demand video feeds at the same time across multiple devices.

Want To Earn More Money With Video Advertising? Ooyala, FreeWheel Show You How

July 29, 2013
Mobile and tablet video growth isn't slowing down anytime soon. Ooyala Product Marketing Manager Danielle Linares recently spoke about online video monetization with James Rothwell, Senior Director of Business Development at FreeWheel.


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