Mobile surge helps digital widen gap over traditional media

April 22, 2014
The amount of time Americans spend with digital media continues to erode the time they spend with traditional media, a new report says, driven by a growing reliance on mobile devices.

Experian cord cutting report shows why operators need an OTT strategy now

April 18, 2014
Yet another report about cord cutting, this one saying cord-cutting households are on the rise in the U.S., especially among video streamers. The report from Experian, a marketing firm known for consumer insights, targeting and data, and suggests cord cutting is growing slowly, but inexorably. It said about 7.6 million (6.5%) of U.S. households counted themselves as cord cutters in 2013, compared to 5.1 million households (4.5%) in 2010.

Economic recovery will prod Eastern European pay-TV growth to double

April 15, 2014
Continued economic recovery will help drive Eastern European pay-TV revenues to almost double between 2010 and 2020, a new report forecasts. Pay-TV revenues in Eastern Europe will hit $7.3 billion, a 48% increase from $4.9 billion in 2010. The dominant technology in the region – satellite – will see 22% growth in the period, being out p\gained on a percentage basis by both digital cable and IPTV, which both will likely more than double, said Digital TV Research.

Is Amazon FireTV the leading edge of more capable streaming devices?

April 11, 2014
Depending upon who’s talking, Amazon’s new streaming device, FireTV, is either a swing in the dark by a video service trapped permanently in second place behind Apple, or a breakthrough for a service on the cusp of major growth. That lack of clarity, wrote NPD Analyst Ben Arnold in a blog post, isn’t surprising. The segment is, he contends, at a crossroads.

NAB Panel: Who wins battle for subs? Operators who know their customers best

April 10, 2014
There’s little question the economies of pay-TV are changing as consumers look for better values and new entrants to the fray – in the form of subscription video on demand services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon – look to offer supplemental video content to consumers. But, what’s the winning business model? Who’ll be the winners, and losers, as a new economic model continues to evolve?

BT offering all sports channels to subs through Google’s Chromecast

April 1, 2014
U.K. telecom BT is giving its broadband subscribers streaming access to its sports channels through Google’s Chromecast, according to a Financial Times report. The news follows on last month’s deployment of the £30 streaming device in the United Kingdom and a handful of other European countries. The move will ease BT’s reliance on the much-maligned YouView TV platform.

More HEVC news rolling out at NAB as the technology moves to center stage

April 1, 2014
HEVC technology looks to be playing about the same role at this year’s NAB as it did a year ago with new studies and new technologies rolling out by the bucketful. The difference? Companies have begun to talks about it in the present tense, increasingly making HEVC a must-have. The latest news comes from Haivision, which today announced its new HEVC baseband encoding and HEVC/H.264 transcoding solution, Kraken HEVC.

Roku’s Wood: We’ll be your future TV's operating system

March 28, 2014
Anthony Wood, the founder and CEO of Roku, didn’t hold much back at re/code’s inaugural code/media conference in Santa Monica, referring to Apple TV as an iPad accessory and saying  his company’s technology eventually would be “your future TV’s operating system.” Wood, during an interview with re/code’s Peter Kafka, also downplayed rumors that Amazon would soon be jumping into the fray with its own STB or dongle that will stream Internet TV content to TVs.

Going to NAB? Let’s connect, maybe have coffee and talk about online video

March 26, 2014
NAB is just around the corner and I still have a couple of slots on my dance card I’m still hoping to fill. So, whether you’re a content owner, broadcaster, technology vendor or – gasp! – a competitor, still would love to take some time to chat about the space, what you see happening in online video down the road, and just catch up. Just drop me a note at and let’s set something up.

Viewers in U.S. continue to migrate online to watch news

March 26, 2014
Online video news consumption continues to grow in the United States with a new report saying that as many adults now get their news from watching online video as from cable news stations or Facebook.


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