Global satellite TV revenues top cable this year, reach $100 billion by 2020

July 23, 2014
Despite just a 4% increase the U.S. satellite market is forecast to remain the largest by revenues through 2020, topping $40.6 billion. India, which became the largest markets by subscribers in 2012, will continue to grow rapidly, topping 69 million subs by 2020, a compound annual growth rate exceeding 7.5%.

1.1 billion pay-TV subs globally by 2019; revenues to exceed $331 billion

July 22, 2014
Pay-TV subscriber numbers are expected to reach 936 million by the end of the year as cable operator losses in North America slowed in the first quarter of the year and global cable subscriptions continued to grow. ABI Research, in its “Pay-TV Market Data” report said the U.S. cable market lost about 4% of its cable base in 2013, but was essentially flat in the first quarter.

Report: Nearly 187 million Americans viewed online video in June

July 22, 2014
New numbers from comScore today on June online video viewing show 186.9 million Americans watched online content videos in June 2014, up from 183 million a year ago. As usual, Google Sites ranked as the top video content property, with 153.3 million unique viewers. But that’s down from 158.3 million a year ago.

Comcast drops 144,000 video subs, misses on Q2 revenue expectations

July 22, 2014
Comcast reported earnings of 75 cents per share, beating Wall Street estimates by 3 cents, and reported revenue of $16.84 billion, a 3.5% increase Y/Y, but nevertheless $150 million below expectations. The cableco also reported it had lost 144,000 video customers in the second quarter, 11% better than a year ago, but the drop put an end to the short turnaround in customer erosion the company has seen over the past two quarter.

Verizon adds 100,000 FiOS TV subs in Q2, tops revenue, earnings forecasts

July 22, 2014
Verizon (NYSE: VZ) earnings and revenue beat analyst estimates and reported it had added 139,000 FiOS Internet users and 100,000 FiOS TV users in the second quarter. The telco earned an adjusted 91 cents per share, 1 cent more than expected, and better than the 73 cents per share it earned a year ago. Revenue was $31.48 billion, $380 million more than Wall Street forecasts and a 5.7% Y/Y increase. It was the sixth consecutive quarter that Verizon reported double-digit percentage growth in operating income and earnings per share.

Netflix tops 50 million subscribers worldwide; hits all its number in Q2

July 21, 2014
Netflix, literally, came in on the money for the second quarter, announcing revenue of $1.15 per share and revenue of $1.34 billion, both in line with Wall Street’s expectations. The revenue represents an increase of more than 25 Y/Y, and shares were trading after hours more than 2.5% above close. And, Netflix continued to do something pay-TV operators have had trouble doing, it added subscribers.

Mexico's OTT industry poised for massive growth as telecom dereg approved

July 21, 2014
Mexico's president has signed a telecommunications deregulation bill that will open up the Mexican market, lower consumer prices and encourage competition in the region’s 2nd-largest economy. It also will spur new deployments of over-the-top video services.  

Once ‘barbarians at the gate,’ OTT now an opportunity for pay-TV operators

July 21, 2014
Over-the-top video services like Netflix, Hulu and a growing array of others have long been seen as a threat, or at least a bother, to pay-TV providers worried about the cannibalization of their revenue streams. It wasn’t very long ago that one of the most popular panels at any trade show generally was title, “OTT: Friend or Foe.” But a new study posits that operators and OTT players now are “striking an unusual friendship” as consumers continue to adopt OTT in many forms.

O, Canada! Netflix gets exclusive pact with Disney for first-run films

July 17, 2014
Canada was Netflix’s first international market, but Canadians haven’t always felt a lot of love from the streaming giant from south of the border, complaining at what they’ve seen as a limited catalog of content, at least by U.S. standards. Netflix today announced a deal that will make that argument a little tougher to support. The streamer and Walt Disney Studios have agreed to a multi-year licensing deal making Netflix the exclusive Canadian subscription television service for first-run Disney live-action and animated feature films.

Report: Home media gateways drive STB market to best revenue year ever

July 17, 2014
The reports of the death of the pay-TV set-top box may have been a bit premature, depending upon how you define “STB.” The industry, which has been written off multiple times by industry analysts as streaming digital devices moved into the spotlight, had its best revenue year ever in 2013, if you include sales of a growing home media gateway (HMG) segment. IHS reports that sales were up 3% from 2012, to more than $20 million.


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