5 Steps To Generating More Earned Video Views (Video)

October 16, 2013
The amount of video being consumed across all devices is astounding. With so much content available online, how can you cost-effectively attract more viewers while engaging your current audience?

Taking the Guesswork out of Digital Success

July 11, 2012
The following is a guest post from Magnet Media founder and CEO Megan Cunningham that looks at how online video analytics inform successful social video campaigns.

How to Maximize ROI with Video Marketing - VIDEO

July 11, 2012
This short clip highlights how brands can maximize the ROI of their social video marketing.

How to Build an Engaged Facebook Community Using Social Video Marketing - VIDEO

July 9, 2012
Facebook is at the top of the list for social video marketing. Viewers watch more than a century’s worth of video content on the social networking site every month, and the platform makes it easy to like and share clips.

Big Challenges in Video Marketing - VIDEO

July 5, 2012
The following post is part one of a three-part video series that highlights recent discussions between Google Mobile, Buddy Media, Ooyala, The North Face and Forrester Research on the challenges that brands face incorporating online video into their digital marketing strategy.

Brands Look to Augmented Reality to Increase Video Views

March 27, 2012
QR codes? So last year. Right now, some companies have their eyes on another two letter acronym: AR. Brands have been experimenting with augmented reality to engage consumers for their ad campaigns. For British retailer Debenhams, integrating Aurasma AR technology has helped increase sales for a lingerie line by up to 300 percent. Users who downloaded the free Aurasma app can unlock videos by hovering their smartphone or tablet cameras over print ads. The click-to-buy feature allows viewers to purchase advertised products immediately.

2011 Year in Review: Online Video Marketing and Branding

December 29, 2011
The year’s coming to an end, but 2011 proved to be eventful for brands, thanks to online video. There was the battle of the Old Spice guys. The eTrade baby reacted to the financial meltdown. Everyone got a front-row seat to the Victoria’s Secret runway show.

Creating Effective Digital Sponsorships Through Social Entertainment Experiences

January 4, 2012
The following post originally appeared on the Cisco Blog. The concept of sponsorships is often confused and intermingled with advertising in the online world. In reality, sponsorships are a different vehicle than traditional display or video advertising and as a result have different objectives for the advertiser and different intended effects on the consumer.

The New Focus Group: Video Analytics Faster, Cheaper, More Accurate

December 9, 2011
Focus groups and consumer panels are the traditional methods to gain insight into consumer habits and perceptions, but another tool can get the same job done with ease: video analytics.


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