Publish Online Video to VIP with Tools from Ooyala

March 14, 2012

Ooyala is thrilled to be one of the first companies included in the Featured Partner Program. The program offers companies that have integrated their services with the WordPress platform the opportunity to promote and seamlessly enable their tools for large-scale sites in's VIP SaaS Hosting program. These VIP clients include top media companies, sports leagues and Fortune 500 companies, which in total generate one billion page views each month. Now companies can easily publish online video on WordPress and deliver streaming media to tablets, smart phones and Smart TVs. 

Sudhir Kaushik, director of publisher experience, analytics and monetization for Ooyala recently spoke about the importance of linking online video with WordPress pages:

With video now being a must-have rather than a nice-to-have for premium web properties, VIP is a great way for publishers to get up and running quickly with a solution that provides the most engaging personalized video experiences. We're glad to be working with Automattic to simplify and speed the process for publishers to deliver multi-screen video to facilitate greater engagement, increase social sharing and grow audiences.

Even if you're not a VIP Partner, you can still easily publish online video on WordPress with the Ooyala Plugin.