PAC-12 Network Launches! Combines Broadcast, Broadband Media

August 16, 2012

Good news for sports fans, and great news for students and alumni of Pac-12 schools.

The PAC-12 Networks launched this week. Encompassing six regional sports networks, a national network, and a mobile, TV-Everywhere viewing experience, the PAC-12 Network is the first national cable network to bring together from day one broadcast and broadband content.

PAC-12 Digital VP & GM David Aufhauser recently stopped by the VideoMind studios to talk about the launch and what's in store for Pac-12 sports fans everywhere. 
We spoke about how online broadcasting allows fans to watch, share and connect with PAC-12 athletics in new and exciting ways. Check out the above video for more insights into broadcasting live sports online, integrating social video into the fan experience, and exclusive PAC-12 football predictions for the upcoming season...
If you haven't seen them yet, check out the PAC-12 Web videos here (powered by Ooyala). Many thanks to David for stopping by -- and congrats to everyone at the PAC-12 on the launch of their new network! 
A few key quotes and highlights:
"At our core, what we are really building is a content company. We believe in creating great content for our fans."
On the historic nature of combining broadcast and broadband media: "To our knowledge, no one else has done this before. There's a lot of things that we're doing that are very innovative."
"Fans have told us, I want to watch my content where I want to watch it, when I want to watch it, how I want to watch it" on any screen and on any device.
On broadcasting live sports online: "Live content is different [online], and live sports, specifically, is different because once it's over -- it's over."
"It's an incredible [fan] community all doing something at the same time. There are some really unique things we think we can build when we think about delivering fan experiences around content . . . Others aren't thinking about this in the same way."