Ooyala Engineering Team Makes Barkeep Open Source: Friendly, Fun Code Review System

June 28, 2012



Today the Ooyala Engineering team is excited to announce that we are open sourcing Barkeep, the friendly code review system. 

Reviewing code is an essential part of programming because it spreads knowledge, improves project quality and makes the process more social. Software engineers spend hours a week doing it. Unfortunately, reviewing code is usually a pain. Barkeep makes reviewing your code fun and efficient.
The Ooyala Engineering team developed Barkeep over the past year because code reviewing is an important part of our collaborative engineering culture. The few existing open-source code review solutions didn't quite fit our needs, so we decided to build our own.
First, Barkeep uses a post-commit workflow where developers integrate code into the product right away -- without being blocked on a code review. We like this workflow because it's aggressively fast and requires low overhead. Barkeep is built for speed.
Second, we felt a tool that’s an essential part of people’s workflows should be fun to use. Barkeep is clean, quick and full of keyboard shortcuts. Staring at code at 2 a.m. is hard on the eyes, so we made Barkeep show syntax-highlighted diffs supporting dozens of languages.
Third, we wanted a code review system that's open source and easy to extend using Ruby. Barkeep is just one part of our product development workflow, and we script continuous integration, deployment and quality control on top of it. We're continually making Barkeep better because adding new features and APIs is easy.
Want to learn more? Check out this video of Barkeep in action. You can also see the code here. Barkeep is available under the MIT license and officially open for business.