Introducing The Ooyala Engineering Blog

December 6, 2012

The Ooyala Engineering Blog launched today as a forum for Ooyala engineers to share their passion, insights, and innovation with the world. Ooyala is committed to technological innovation, sharing knowledge, and supporting the open source developer community, and this blog is a perfect vehicle to help achieve these goals.

Whether you want to learn about Barkeep, Ooyala's friendly, fun code review system, keep up-to-date on our latest Ooyala tech talks, or learn about Big Data, the Ooyala Engineering Blog has you covered. 

Other posts currently on the nascent site include how to safely delete posts in Amazon S3, and a look at how Ooyala encourages engineers to take risks, become leaders and innovate at all times. Expect more hacks, how-tos, and epic tales of engineering success in the coming months from more member of the Ooyala engineering team.

Interested in what it's like working at Ooyala? The Ooyala Engineering Blog provides a window into the challenging, collaborative process we employ to build the future of personalized media. 

We're excited to launch this Engineering Blog after months of planning and hard work. We look forward to contributing to development discussions on our blog and participating in larger conversations within the tech community.

Have questions? Feedback? Dying to get your name in print with a guest post? Just tweet us @Ooyala - we'd love to hear your thoughts.

As always, thanks for watching!