How Grupo Expansion’s Big Online Media Bet Paid Off

February 7, 2013

Grupo Expansion took a gamble by being one of the first media companies in Mexico to go to market with a comprehensive online video strategy. Because internet adoption and bandwidth have historically been low in Mexico, it was by no means certain that online video across Grupo Expansions’ major media enterprises -- including CNN Mexico (#3 in news) and Medio Tiempo (#1 in sports) -- would gain traction.

“We didn't know that this could be a competitive advantage, yet we still decided to commit ourselves to video,” said Karla Berman, Grupo Expansion’s Entertainment and Lifestyle Director.
It turned out that betting big on Ooyala and online video paid off.  
We've doubled the amount of videos views in just one year!” noted Patricio Villalobos, Grupo Expansion’s CTO.  
One factor that impacted their success was getting high quality content related to breaking news up on their site quickly using Ooyala’s video ingestion tools. Importing content from CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta to Ooyala’s video platform was effortless.
“Every second we can save producing video is critical,” remarked Berman.  
At the end of the day, the success of Grupo Expansion depends on the ability of their talent to tell compelling stories. With Ooyala, the technical side of online video delivery is taken care of.
“We don’t have to worry about the technical aspects or be on top of the latest technology, “ said Patricio. “Ooyala does it for us.”
Click the video above to see our video case study, and, as always, thanks for watching!