Food Network UK: A Recipe For Online Video Success

November 14, 2012

Chefs have often said that we eat first with our eyes, so it stands to reason that online video provides the ideal way to connect with the sights and sounds of premium culinary programming.

Food Network UK leverages Ooyala's online video technologies to reach and engage its viewers on all devices.
International foodies can catch up on full episodes of their favorite Food Network UK shows online, and also snack on more "bite-size" content like recipes, cooking techniques, and helpful how-to videos.
Our latest video (above) features Kate Bradshaw, Food Network UK's Head of Digital, International and Hannah Hartman, Content Producer. The two spoke with us about how their network uses Ooyala's end-to-end solutions to gain insights into their audience and monetize their premium programming on every screen.
"Ooyala provide us with a really simple plug-and-play solution, from a video player that works right across all devices to encoding to bandwidth to processing all our content," Bradshaw said, "and most importantly, giving us an analytics package that enables us to understand precisely how our videos are performing."
In addition to our cutting-edge technology, the Food Network UK calls out Ooyala's customer service as going "beyond the call of duty." With offices in London and Mountain View (among others), we've been able to work closely with the network to help it reach and exceed its goals.
"That's really nice just to have that support, and to have someone to give you hands on advice, rather than referring to online manuals," remarks Hartman.
And leveraging big data and online video analytics are helping the network monetize their VOD content. 
"It's quite clear that the growth of advertising around video on demand is an opportunity that we want to take part in," said Bradshaw. "Ooyala definitely does that, as well as making it very simple - end to end."