Building The Future of TV: Ooyala Now, Ooyala Discovery & Ooyala's HTML5 Player

November 5, 2012

Jonathan Wilner, Ooyala's Sr. Director of Business Product Management, talks about the latest video technology releases from Ooyala, including Ooyala Now, our real time video analytics engine, Ooyala Discovery, our content recommendation solution based on big data and machine learning, and Ooyala's new HTML5 player

Ooyala Now is Ooyala's real time video analytics dashboard that allows Ooyala content providers and operators to see both live and VOD content consumption as it occurs across all devices.   
Ooyala Now automatically displays top trending content, as well as the top viewing locations in real time. Ooyala Now also suggests videos that publishers should highlight to their audiences in order to maximize viewing time and engagement.
Ooyala Discovery offers personalized content recommendation across all screens. Built with Ooyala's big data and machine learning technologies, this solution connects more viewers with more content that they want to watch. 
Early results show a 3 - 6X increase in viewer engagement, resulting in more videos watched and more ads delivered.
Quoting from our Ooyala Discovery announcement:
Our personalized media recommendations mean more viewers return to watch more content more frequently. This, in turn, results in more revenue, whether you monetize your content through advertising, subscriptions or individual transactions. The technology is available on every connected screen and works within the video player, on a web page, or within a mobile app.
Ooyala Discovery is part of Ooyala's mission to personalize media across all devices.
As Jonathan says in the above video: "I want a guide that says there are one thousand channels, but here are the ten things that are coming up in the next two hours that you might want to watch. And by the way, if you don't want to watch anything right now, here's a lineup of on-demand content that you can watch . . . This is fantastic for the viewer and also helps programmers and operators."
While we continue to innovate our Flash player, Ooyala has also recently rolled out an entirely upgraded HTML5 video player.
Ooyala’s HTML5 Player is blazingly fast and light. Our technology delivers high-quality playback experiences to mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops around the world. And our new player includes the same industry-leading analytics Ooyala is known for. 
Broadcasters and publishers can monetize across any mobile device with Ooyala’s enhanced player advertising capabilities. The Ooyala HTML5 Player supports VAST Wrapper Ads, CORS, DoubleClick IMA3, and Companion Ads. This means Ooyala customers can earn more money from mobile video on the most connected screens.
Check out the video up top for a full rundown of all Ooyala's new video technologies. As always, thanks for watching!