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April 24, 2012

We caught up with Simple.TV founder and CEO Mark Ely at NAB last week for our latest connected TV interview. Mark is a 19 year veteran of the broadcast industry, and talks about the shift from analogue to digital, multi-screen distribution, and potentially using super powers for both good and evil.

His new device streams broadcast television to any connected screen (and recently took home Best of Show at CES this year). He also wrote a great trends post for VideoMind in February entitled Back to the Future of TV that is really worth a read. 
You can follow Mark @simpletv. Selected quotes from the video are below.

On Simple.TV

"Simple.TV is the DVR for the connected TV world. It's a way to get great content wherever you are."
"We're trying to take the best of broadcast television and make it available on any connected screen, anywhere in the world."
"It's a combination of Slingbox and TiVo. Simple TV is designed as a streaming DVR."

On windowing content

"So much of the content on Hulu and Netflix is windowed. You just can't get to American Idol, you can't get to local sports on those streaming services."
"Consumers want to be able to access great content wherever they are." 

On NAB back in the day

"Back in the day this parking lot was full of antennas. Gigantic Antennas. And it was awesome."


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