Ooyala Named Top Online Video Innovator by Frost & Sullivan

March 6, 2013

Our goal at Ooyala has always been to build the best online video solutions for our customers -- from cross-device delivery and content management, to advanced analytics and personalized recommendations.

Today, we were recognized by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan with its 2012 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement for our clear focus on creating value for our customers.
Here are a few excerpts from the award write-up that we’re especially proud of:
  • Ooyala’s approach to the market is focused on providing the solutions that enable their customers to optimize the entire online video and media management value chain.”
  • “Ooyala intends to continue investing heavily in analytics into the future, ensuring that they maintain the significant lead they have already created. The strength of its combined analytics and OVP products has created opportunities for Ooyala that are not similarly available to other vendors.”
  • “Ooyala is the only OVP to integrate an in-house recommendation system. The tools Ooyala has developed are already proving to deliver enhanced customer value as well as position it to set the standards for the industry.”
  • “Ooyala’s market growth has been correlated with its focus on helping its clients provide exceptional online video experiences, enabling interaction and monetization, and ultimately delivering unmatched value across the online video management ecosystem.”
Thanks to Frost & Sullivan for the award. We look forward to creating new and innovative video experiences for our customers in the coming quarters.
As always, thanks for watching!
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