Curling Up with Online Video: iPad Viewers Watch More in the Evenings

March 8, 2012

People used to end the day by curling up with a favorite book. It seems that times have changed, as now folks are curling up with their iPads and watching online video in the evenings. 

Ooyala’s online video analytics reveals that iPad video viewing peaks in the evening hours. People also like to start their day with an iPad in hand: another uptick in online video plays starts around 7:00AM and trails off after 9:00AM. 
Desktop video views, by contrast, are spread out more consistently throughout the day. Clearly, people are watching online video while at their desk at work -- a behavior we wholeheartedly endorse here at VideoMind. 
Other neat iPad video findings:
A full third of iPad video plays were watched between 7PM and 11PM
5% of all video plays occurred between 7AM and 8AM
The biggest lull in iPad video viewing took place between 3AM and 4AM
As we’ve discovered before, device type matters: people watch differently depending on variables such as screen size, content length and video-stream quality. Ooyala’s Q4 2011 Online Video Index, for instance, showed that tablet viewers were 45% more likely to complete a long-form video (longer than 10 minutes) than desktop viewers. 
Online video publishers can use these kind of insights to grow audiences and engage their viewers. Recommendations range from the obvious to the subtle. It’s clear, for example, that to reach iPad viewers publishers need an effective HTML5 video delivery solution. (Duh.) A less-obvious insight: a publisher could use time-of-day reporting to devise a device-specific content strategy. Or to demonstrate the value of their audience to potential advertisers. People watching in the evening hours may be more receptive to messages about home and family, for instance. 
About the data
The numbers presented here are taken from Ooyala’s database, which reflects the anonymized viewing behavior of over 100 million monthly unique viewers. The sample was taken on a single weekday in February for iPad video plays, worldwide. Time of day is reported in local time. 
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