comScore’s December 2011 Data: Yep, Viewers Are Watching More Online Video

January 23, 2012

If there's a sign people are tuning into more online video, consider this: The average viewer watched 23.2 hours online in December, a jump from 20.5 hours the month before.

That’s according to comScore, which recently released its December 2011 Online Video Rankings. The numbers confirm a well known trend: viewers are watching more and more videos on the Internet. But the data suggest another trend: viewers are watching longer, on average, than ever before.

Our Video Index report from Q3 of last year, for instance, found that videos that are at least 10 minutes in length account for at least a quarter of total hours watched on mobile devices. When you look at connected TV devices and game console, that number increases to about 75 percent. (Keep an eye for our Q4 report, which is coming soon.)

Topping comScore's video rankings list are: Google sites (aka YouTube) with 157.2 million unique viewers, VEVO (also YouTube, but perhaps not for long) with 53.7 million viewers and Yahoo sites with 52.3 million viewers. Along those lines, Americans watched 7.1 billion videos ads in December, with Hulu generating almost 1.5 billion video ad impressions, the highest number among ad properties.

As the number of people who watch Web-based video continues to increase, and more long-form professionally produced content is made available online, expect continued growth in comScore’s “average time watched per viewer” metric.comscore video rankings

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