Colin Dixon Talks Smart TV, Net Neutrality - VIDEO

April 23, 2012

The Diffusion Group is focused on digital home and the digital consumer. VideoMind recently sat down with Colin Dixon at NAB to talk about the future of media, net neutrality, the benefits of multi-screen broadcasting and the watchful power of meerkats. 

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On the future of IPTV

"By 2018 - that's just 6 years from today - the average person in the U.S. is going to be watching as much video online as they do watch broadcast television."

On the disruptive power of Internet broadcasting

With a single online solution, I can hit a consumer on all of their devices - TV, PC, iPad, cell phone. I don't have to own cables, I don't have to own towers .This is the first time this has ever happened." 

On personalized viewing experiences

"You can have a direct, one-on-one relationship with your customer because they can talk back to you. That's a first . . . and will radically change the way we consume media going forward."
Multi-screen broadcasting is the most important way to engage viewers today. 

Potential pitfalls facing broadcasters

"Pulling back from free, OTT distribution is a big mistake for broadcasters. There is a line of companies waiting to step into that space."
"There are companies that are seeking to control your connected experience with media. They are doing this through closed platforms. You may think that this is a good thing, but there is a dark side to it . . . This is very confusing for consumers now."
Manufacturers and content providers should work together on more open standards in the delivery of media from the internet to all of the multi-screen connected devices.

On the need for net neutrality

"I wish people were more sensitive to issues of net neutrality. It's very important that the broadband connection stays neutral - rigorously neutral."

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