Vindicia CEO: Broadcasters discovering value of big data and analytics

April 11, 2014
Gene Hoffman is chairman and CEO at Vindicia, a cloud-based, subscription-billing platform for scaled consumers. It’s used for things like over the top television, consumer software, and business services. Hoffman said Vindicia can help digital media companies reduce churn by using its subscriber analytics to provide individualized content to a subscriber at the right time.  That’s a story Hoffman said saw a lot of play at NAB last week. 

NAB Panel: Who wins battle for subs? Operators who know their customers best

April 10, 2014
There’s little question the economies of pay-TV are changing as consumers look for better values and new entrants to the fray – in the form of subscription video on demand services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon – look to offer supplemental video content to consumers. But, what’s the winning business model? Who’ll be the winners, and losers, as a new economic model continues to evolve?

Amazon’s FireTV: Focus is on big data and analytics

April 3, 2014
The launch of Amazon’s FireTV this week created a lot of buzz about the future of Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, the online video space, big data and online advertising. Ooyala co-founder and EVP and Chief Product Officer Sean Knapp appeared on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock,” along with Shahid Khan, co-founder and chairman of MediaMorph, and Brian Lisi, CEO of Qello Concerts, to share their take on the evolving online video industry and Amazon’s new Internet set-top box.

Verizon looking to expand big data capabilities with new R&D center

March 27, 2014
With big data expected to generate more than $16 billion in revenue this year alone, it should come as no surprise that some of the largest players in the industry are starting to pour additional resources into their efforts. The latest money dump? Verizon. The telco is opening a new data analytics R&D center in Palo Alto, Calif., focusing on artificial intelligence and machine-learning activities.

Nielsen turns to measured data, restates mobile video viewing time downward

March 11, 2014
From the “I once ran 100 meters in 9.5 seconds - and I timed it myself!” file comes this tidbit about Nielsen’s quarterly Cross-Platform Report, courtesy of broadcast television trade association TVB: Nielsen recently changed how its measures viewing of mobile video. In the past, it counted on viewers’ self-reporting. But, it changed to metering devices on mobile phones to that collect actual data and report on user’s actual behavior.

Ooyala partners with Jinni to add new dimension to content recommendation

January 6, 2014
There’s a lot of science involved in content discovery; there’s a little bit of art, too. Ooyala announced a partnership with semantic search and discovery expert Jinni that combines both, giving service providers and content owners an expanded set of tools with which to monetize video assets.

2014 online video advertising predictions from digital ad execs

December 23, 2013
Digital advertising execs are pretty bullish about prospects for 2014. Video ad news site VAN polled ad tech execs on what they expect to happen with online video advertising next year. Here are the highlights:

ThinkAnalytics goes to cloud to expand discovery, recommendations reach

December 18, 2013
How viewers discover content online ranks right up there with how they get it delivered.  For content publishers, making both pieces easy will guarantee their content will be seen by more viewers and, we all know that eyeballs help drive monetization.

Ooyala’s Global Video Index: Change in viewing habits accelerates

December 11, 2013
We like movies at Ooyala. In fact, all of our meeting rooms carry names associated with an array of well-know (and some not-so-well-known) titles. With that in mind, a little pearl of wisdom from one of my favorite movie characters, Gordon Gekko (Wall Street, 1987): “The most valuable commodity I know of is information.” Well said, Gordo.

How Apple’s New iPad Air Moves Us Closer to the Post-TV Era

October 24, 2013
Ever since Apple introduced the world to the iPad, connected viewers have flocked to these devices in droves, ushering in not only the post-PC era but perhaps the post-TV era as well.


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